May 04, 2009

Long lazy weekend ....

I haven't done much artwork the last days. There are days where I better don't touch a pencil or something with which I could ruin a painting. *lol

But I took a great photo (at least I love it and must laugh when I look at it). Some of you know that we have 9 cats, all former street-kitten who lost their mothers. In 2003 we picked up a twin pair who was only about 14 or 17 days old (eyes just had opened). The yearned and yearned about 200 metres away from our home but I heard them - whyever. Hubby and I went there and found these two babies - crawling on the street! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of The neighbours there said that the mother was away and one sibling already killed by a car - but "we don't care, they are old enough and will survive, we give them a little milk." They couldn't even walk and because of hunger they where on the street - Gosh - I was such angry. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

So we picked them up, both where not very healthy because of so much unger and milk the got. But we made them healthy (thanks to homoeopathics and a good vet later) and of course they still live with us.

The twin brother is a great "washer". He loves to slick heads, especially hubbies head when he sleeps. And you know how rough a cats tongue is. But hubby "nothing-can-disturb-my-TVsleep" didn't notice that mostly. Yesterday I had the chance to take a photo of these two pretty guys. :) Look:

sometimes a good photo is better than a ruined piece of art. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

At PPN we just have our first ATC exchange, I am very excited and hope that many of our members will participate. I love these ATC trades, it is wonderful to send and to receive these tiny artworks from all over the world. If you feel the same come and join us, our network is growing every day and I am very proud to be a member if the pencil painters!

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twincedar said...

Take a nap and get your hair washed! Great pic!