June 27, 2009

Just a drawing

I changed my opinion, Mikes book is definately not overprized. It is great and immensely helpful. Call it expensive, but it definately is the heavy-weight champion of all graphite drawing instruction books.

Although I still only have read about 110 pages I can see a change in my work. I made a drawing - rather a sketch, for the Pencil Painting Network that Dors this time managed and hosted and found Mikes hints and tips very helpful.
Even my husband, who is my hardest critics, was astonished and amazed when he saw the picture.

I know it is no masterpiece, but I am VERY satisfied. I see where I could do more shadow areas and where I could push the darks but the paper (W&N cartridge paper - too smooth, but not bad) didn't take more layers.

I used Staedtler clutch pencils 2B and 2H and a Prismacolor woodless graphite pencil 8B (*sniff* - my last one).
And an electric eraser to lift out graphite for the tree and the branch. and some dots on the ground. LOL
It was so much fun - I think I'm back to the roots - to graphite.

June 20, 2009

Mike Sibley's book Part II

Okay. I now have worked through the first 40 pages and I like what I read so far.
What I like very much is that in his paintings there are rarely the pencil strokes visible, you know what I mean?
Some artists only work with strokes, bigger, finer, heavier, lighter, hatched, cross hatched, all visible strokes. Mike prefers to see not the single stroke and this is what I like.
And another thing was remarkable for me. Mike mostly uses clutch pencils but I never liked them and preferred wooend case pencils. I do not care if the weight in my hand changes. But I gave the 'Clutchers' another chance to become friends with me. And - tadaa - we became close friends.
I had the chance to purchase five clutchpencils made by Staedtler for 5 $ - which is VERY cheap here - and some leads (F-C). I already had mechanical pencils and bought some GOOD leads for them also - and I can't believe why I didn't used them before.
It is much easier - no sharpening or only sharpening the lead with a tiny lead sharpener (F-C) which I can hold easily. The leads I bought are wonderful also. I have no idea if the Staedtler leads are very different or how, but I am satisfied with these clutch pencils and their 'fill-ups'. :)
Btw - if someone wonders if there is a difference between clutch pĆ¼encil made by Faber-Castell and Staedtler: Yes, it is - the F-C clutchers have MUCH more weight and the clutchmechanism is very much harder to use.

So I already benefit from the book. Joanie, a close friend, mentioned at
PPN, that she finds the price too high and I I think too that this book is a little bit overpriced (not my reduced copy). But when I compare it with the books we can buy here in Germany where we have to pay 16 $ for a tiny brochure size A5 (140 x 210mm) and not more than 40 pages with big letters it is cheaper than everything in Germany. In general seems Germany to be a developing country concerning pencil art, especially colored pencils.
So Mikes book is much more worth than these - how much I will know when I go on. And he is an outstanding artist, very well known and maybe the name raises the price too.

I guess there are many books about drawing in USA and UK which are at the same level and cost only the half or less. Can you recommend good books on graphite drawing?

June 19, 2009

I'm a Fan!!! (Part I - Music)

I'm a fan! I am a fan!! I am a huge fan!!!

Some days ago I watch TV (he he - as if I never would do that ...). A show I'm normally not used to watch because there is more german music and the talk masters are not even what I like to listen to. But hubby likes that show and so of course I watch it with him because he also watches shows with me that he don't even love.
As usual in that show bands come and play their music and so this time too. The talk master announced that group but I was very busy with a drawing on my leap so I didn't hear much about their introduction. But suddenly my ears got as big as Dumbo's ears!

There was a sound that made me swing and jump and I couldn't believe my ears and also couldn't keep my pencil calm and controlled in my hand because this pencil suddenly seemed to have an own very swinging life.
I looked up and saw three very cute guys dressed as we'd have the 50's - and so was the music. "Umbrella" - everyone knows that song - as Elvis would have sung it.

Great! Phantastic! Amazing!

Hubby and I looked at each other - a wide smile in our faces and jumping and teetering on our couch. We both have a very different music taste - he likes german music and is a huge Elvis fan. I also like our King ofRock but apart from this I'm 70's/80's girl and a rock fan, I love Lighthouse, 3DoorsDown, Nickelback partially but also some Jazz.
But this music is for both of us - I myself think "the baseballs" fill in a gap and bring different generations together.

I am not used to buy CDs very often but the next day I ordered their CD - and unbelievable but true: Every single one of 12 songs is cool! This happens to me very rarely.
In the meantime I saw another interview with "the baseballs" and the boys are really very cute and very heartily and friendly.
Digger, Sam and Basti, you guys are great!

Now have a look and enjoy:

June 16, 2009


Since a long time I dreamt to have Mike Sibleys book "Drawing From Line To Life". Although I know it is good to let money roll I sometimes have problems with letting roll too much for a single product.
Short words: Mikes book is really expensive. 35 GB Pound plus Shipping is a lot. But as a subscrieber of his site I now received a newsletter with special offers of copies with little cosmetical mistakes so I could save 10 Punds- 12 Euros. Of course I grabbed this chance and purchased my copy!!
Mike wrote in an email that he will send the book next day and that I should look out for a big blue postbag. I had no idea that he meant huge when he said big:

Photobucket *******Photobucket




Okay, this all was my husband - first because I am a better photographer and second there is a little thingy about me which is not dramatic (for me) but I am not used to talk about it if it is not necessary. But at PPN - our Pencil Painting Network friends asked me my husband presents the book and not I myself. See reasons above. LOL
But I think it is time to say that I am kinda handicapped. I was born with a malformation of my limbs because my mother took a pill with name Contergan. In UK it was called thalidomide and worldwide more than 10000 babies where born with malformations, most died and the most who still live have long legs. I don't. ops - no - I mean of course I surely live but I also have no legs besides my short arms.

Okay, this is what might be important. But I hope this will touch you as much as it touches me and my life - nearly in no way. Of course I have my borders but they are less. As you see I had huge luck, got a wonderful husband, studied, can drive my car (If I would have one LOL) and have a happy life. I can do nearly everything except walk, ride a bike or wash the windows (but honestly who'd miss THAT?) and as you know I can paint and draw - not more or less.
So please please my friends, don't feel "urgh" or "argn" - just be like you always are. :))


June 06, 2009

My video

Drawing day 2009


Drawing Day 2009

Let's try to draw over a million pics today. I'm in - who else?

My drawing or maybe it will be a sketch only will be posted later on here.

June 03, 2009


Because I hurt my finger (it thought to have a little fight against a door knob and lost...) I couldn't do any artwork for a while. But some homoeopathics and a little resting helped a lot and now I can show two pic - one finished for a challenge at PPN and another one for my own pleasure.

Her is the finished one:

I used my beloves Caran d'Ache Supracolor pencils - dry - in combination with a black Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen and a dark green Staedtler pen. I wanted to try out such a cimbination for a long time and I must say that I'm pretty satisfied with the result.


Then I started a picture I grabbed from a journal that I'd modified the way I wanted it. Again I used my Supras, this time on Clairefontaine Pastelmat (light grey).

Before .....
... after  adding water.

To be continued.....