August 06, 2009

Latest CP painting

CP painting for a challenge at our Pencil Painting Network.
Prismacolors blended with almond oil on Canson *Pure white Drawing' board. Size 210 x 110 mm



Teresa said...

What a lovely painting! It evokes such pleasant memories of fun times spent making bread...and eating it!

I've never heard of using almond oil to blend cp's. Why almond oil as opposed to another type of oil?

Martina said...

Thank you, Teresa.
I used almond oil because it was what I had at home and what made me feel good. I also tried baby oil (here in Germany it is not made of mineral oil but natural plant oil) but found almond oil (eco) much better - and it has no fragrance which could have an effect to the colors or the paper.
Juno started a thread at PPN of using baby oil and I tried this out and love it!

Pencil Sanity said...

What a wonderful CP painting. I never heard of using oil to with CP's

M.Ramos said...

heyy ths for visiting my blogg
I found time after working 8hs with animation cartoon..hehehe

Karin said...

What an original idea - obviously worth it, looking at the result. Have you tried experimenting with other organic materials?

Fito said...

Hello Martina, great sorprise, thanks for you visit Beautiful job, Fito