April 14, 2009

Still-life and a discovery

Last days I tried out Caran d'Aches Supracolor Soft pencils. I bought them about one or two months ago (lucky shot) but never used them.
But now I decided to give them a go and I am totally thrilled. I started a still-life with my Prismas (outline and a little layering on the candle-holder) on Clairefontaine Pastelmat (coloured) and then went on with the supracolors.
I added different layers on the candle-holder and the apple, wettened the colour, let it dry and then added more layers.
It was huge fun to work this way and the surface seems to fit perfect.

This is the reference I worked from. I took this photo two years ago in autumn so it is more an autumn picture but who cares....

And here is the result. It is not finished yet, close to but not at all - and believe me: Right now I am as proud as a 6 year old one on the first schoolday with a paper funnel.

I think these Supracolor pencils have won a new fan.

* * * * *


Pencil Sanity said...

Nice work! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these pencils.

twincedar said...

Looking good, looking forward to hearing more of these pencils.

Christine said...

Excellent Martina! I like it very much. I am intriqued about these pencils. They sound like fun to work with. Great job!

pencilportraits said...

Great artwork, I've never heard of these pencils so will have to look at them

Dors said...

Lovely work. Oh my Martina...you know how many pencils I have... Oh well what's a few more. hehehe
Glad you had so much fun with them.

José said...

Allo Martina,

This is really good.
The textures are very realistic.