April 22, 2009

Update farmhouse and more

Just a quick update without many words:


The pears and grapes with Supracolors:


Dors said...

I love the pears and the grapes. Well done Martina... Great work
What do you think of the Supracolors now you have completed a piece.

Martina said...

I still love them and love them more and more, Dors.
It is such great to make a wash with them and then use them dry. The colors are clear and vibrant, the pencil lead is REAL soft and easy to apply.
And thank you for your comment, means much to me. :)

Teresa said...

Your farmhouse is looking really good, Martina! You've done a lot of work on it.

Re: Supracolors... now you've got my curiosity up!

Kain said...

Great work on the farmhouse and the castle Martina.

Pencil Sanity said...

Very nice update on the farm house and the fruits look so tasty that I want to come over and get some from you.

Dors said...

Sorry Martina. I forgot to comment on the Farmhouse.

Looking great. love the detail...and you do a lot better tiny windows than I do. :)

It's coming along great.