June 19, 2009

I'm a Fan!!! (Part I - Music)

I'm a fan! I am a fan!! I am a huge fan!!!

Some days ago I watch TV (he he - as if I never would do that ...). A show I'm normally not used to watch because there is more german music and the talk masters are not even what I like to listen to. But hubby likes that show and so of course I watch it with him because he also watches shows with me that he don't even love.
As usual in that show bands come and play their music and so this time too. The talk master announced that group but I was very busy with a drawing on my leap so I didn't hear much about their introduction. But suddenly my ears got as big as Dumbo's ears!

There was a sound that made me swing and jump and I couldn't believe my ears and also couldn't keep my pencil calm and controlled in my hand because this pencil suddenly seemed to have an own very swinging life.
I looked up and saw three very cute guys dressed as we'd have the 50's - and so was the music. "Umbrella" - everyone knows that song - as Elvis would have sung it.

Great! Phantastic! Amazing!

Hubby and I looked at each other - a wide smile in our faces and jumping and teetering on our couch. We both have a very different music taste - he likes german music and is a huge Elvis fan. I also like our King ofRock but apart from this I'm 70's/80's girl and a rock fan, I love Lighthouse, 3DoorsDown, Nickelback partially but also some Jazz.
But this music is for both of us - I myself think "the baseballs" fill in a gap and bring different generations together.

I am not used to buy CDs very often but the next day I ordered their CD - and unbelievable but true: Every single one of 12 songs is cool! This happens to me very rarely.
In the meantime I saw another interview with "the baseballs" and the boys are really very cute and very heartily and friendly.
Digger, Sam and Basti, you guys are great!

Now have a look and enjoy:


Dors said...

I was imagining you both hip hopping.. jumping up and down..pencils flying. hehehe.
great fun. thanks for sharing.

Juno Kughler Carlson said...

Rich and I watched the videos and caught ourselves tapping our feet and bebopping in our chairs. They are great fun!