June 16, 2009


Since a long time I dreamt to have Mike Sibleys book "Drawing From Line To Life". Although I know it is good to let money roll I sometimes have problems with letting roll too much for a single product.
Short words: Mikes book is really expensive. 35 GB Pound plus Shipping is a lot. But as a subscrieber of his site I now received a newsletter with special offers of copies with little cosmetical mistakes so I could save 10 Punds- 12 Euros. Of course I grabbed this chance and purchased my copy!!
Mike wrote in an email that he will send the book next day and that I should look out for a big blue postbag. I had no idea that he meant huge when he said big:

Photobucket *******Photobucket




Okay, this all was my husband - first because I am a better photographer and second there is a little thingy about me which is not dramatic (for me) but I am not used to talk about it if it is not necessary. But at PPN - our Pencil Painting Network friends asked me my husband presents the book and not I myself. See reasons above. LOL
But I think it is time to say that I am kinda handicapped. I was born with a malformation of my limbs because my mother took a pill with name Contergan. In UK it was called thalidomide and worldwide more than 10000 babies where born with malformations, most died and the most who still live have long legs. I don't. ops - no - I mean of course I surely live but I also have no legs besides my short arms.

Okay, this is what might be important. But I hope this will touch you as much as it touches me and my life - nearly in no way. Of course I have my borders but they are less. As you see I had huge luck, got a wonderful husband, studied, can drive my car (If I would have one LOL) and have a happy life. I can do nearly everything except walk, ride a bike or wash the windows (but honestly who'd miss THAT?) and as you know I can paint and draw - not more or less.
So please please my friends, don't feel "urgh" or "argn" - just be like you always are. :))



Dors said...

I do know Martina. but you have a good heart. and you are a wonderful friend.
Glad you have a wonderful husband. You are a good team on PPN.

Your the best and I am glad you have your Art. Who wants to wash windows. LOL...
Big Hugs from your friend Dors. xxx

Vic said...

Congrats on getting Mikes book, I am so envious lol.....definately well worth the investment.

Juno said...

I love seeing your sweet face and happy smile. You DO love that book, don't you? LOL. That baby picture of you with the little doll is adorable too. You look so much like your portrait of your mom!

Anyway, I'm with Dors. Who wants to wash windows when they can be making beautiful pictures instead?

Hugs to my cheeky German sister,


Beth said...

Hi Martina. Thanks for sharing your story. Its wonderful that you have your talent and art. It gets me through many days too! Let us know how the book is.

Martina Alberts said...

Thank you all - I knew that I know great people here! :))

Dors said...

Forgot to say...Enjoy your new book. It's an awesome book as Mike is one of the best. I envy you having the book...One day I will get one. I don't even mind a second hand one. I have a few and they are in excellent condition.

I am looking forward to some wonderful drawings of dogs now. hehehe.

Have Fun.

Martina Alberts said...

this book, although it is calles a misprint, is definately new. Mike said in these books are one or two mistakes from bad print but I didn't see any single mistake yet.
It was a perfect and a lucky deal.
He offers sometimes those cheaper prints, but I do not know how much the shipping to Australie could be from UK.

Mike Sibley said...

Hi Martina,

I'm so pleased you received your book safely. Good photos! I finally get to see what the parcel looks like at the other end :o) It survived quite well.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much asI did writing it.

And before I forget - postage to Australia by the same Priority M-Bag service is £6.50 (about $13 AUD).

Happy drawing! :o)