June 27, 2009

Just a drawing

I changed my opinion, Mikes book is definately not overprized. It is great and immensely helpful. Call it expensive, but it definately is the heavy-weight champion of all graphite drawing instruction books.

Although I still only have read about 110 pages I can see a change in my work. I made a drawing - rather a sketch, for the Pencil Painting Network that Dors this time managed and hosted and found Mikes hints and tips very helpful.
Even my husband, who is my hardest critics, was astonished and amazed when he saw the picture.

I know it is no masterpiece, but I am VERY satisfied. I see where I could do more shadow areas and where I could push the darks but the paper (W&N cartridge paper - too smooth, but not bad) didn't take more layers.

I used Staedtler clutch pencils 2B and 2H and a Prismacolor woodless graphite pencil 8B (*sniff* - my last one).
And an electric eraser to lift out graphite for the tree and the branch. and some dots on the ground. LOL
It was so much fun - I think I'm back to the roots - to graphite.


artbyakiko said...

Hi Martina! What a lovely drawing of a squirrel! How big is this work? I didn't know about 8B pencil. Thanks for the info. ~Akiko :)

Dors said...

And so you should be satified and very proud of your great effort.
Well done.. and I am so glad you are enjoying your book from Mike Sibley.