July 14, 2009


Some time ago I started a request at STAEDTLER - you know - the pencil producers who make clutch pencils and the mechanical pencils I use.

I wanted to know some special things about their clutch pencils and the difference between graphite, polymere leads and their mars micro carbon. I received an answer via email with the explanation and a big compliment on my drawings (I added a link to my gallery at PPN)

And via snail mail a pencil!

Wow! What a really nice company! Unfotunately the pencil was not that good for me to use - it has a triangular grip which is not useful for me because I always turn my pencil some millimeters to have a sharp point at anytime. Except I ant to have a chisel edge. ;)
But the gesture is so great and I said thank you and explained them why this pencil is not good for me. I received an answer where they said that it is a pity and so on but they will send me another pencil to try out. Another wow!

Is this cool or what! But it comes much better:
They also asked if I would be so kind to make a drawing for their Bureau. Oh - and guess what I said...... Yes of course! LOL
Maybe this doesn't mean much but first it is only fair to gift them a drawing for they gave me two pencils (the second one isn't arrived but I received their second email yesterday) aaaaahaaaand - to have a foot in the door of or contact to a company that produces pencils can be helpful - or what do you think?

Here is the pic - it is an ATC done with their mechanical pencils with leads 2B, B and 5H and a kneaded and an electrical eraser.


Christine said...

Fantastic news Martina!! Excellent job on the drawing of the boat. Congrats on being asked about a piece of art for their office...wow, that is an honor indeed.
I would be interested to know about their answer to you regarding the difference between graphite, polymer leads and their mars micro carbon leads.

Vic said...

Wow Martina that is good news indeed....your Atc is superb and I bet they will be very proud to have it. Got to say that I use tradtitonal graphite pencils, but will be looking in to using a clutch soon.

Martina said...

Hi Chris,
Yes, I will do so but I first have to translate it and there are some special words in and I had no time yet to look them up. But I promise you will get this explanation soon!

Martina said...

Hi Vic,
I used mechanical pencils 0.5 and 0.3 in 2B, B, and 5H. Only a clutch pencil with 6B for the darkest black, which is not much here.

Dors said...

Congratulations Martina. what an honour. I am so proud of you my friend. Well done.
Beautiful job.

Nitesh said...

so loveble