July 06, 2009

My artists of the month

Two nights ago I couldn't sleep because of a very loud party across the street and so many thoughts played around in my head.
I suddenly had the idea to show paintings and drawings of artists I like very much. I know many artists do so butI think it won't hurt anyone if I also have my "artist of the month". And because I ALWAYS must do anything in a different way I think I nor will have an artist of the month neither one of the week.
No. I will have two artists of the month - one colored and one monochrome artist. (ROFL - sorry for the play with words)
The artists for this month are Juno Kughler and Doreen Cross.

Juno Kugler Carlson

Juno Kughler: 'Indian Girl'

This amazing and outstanding portait is done with color pencils and ATC size (2,5" x 3,5") that she has sent to me. Because I'm holding it my own hands and have a real look on it I can say that this is one of the best artworks I ever saw. You can't see any pencil strokes, everything is perfect and I am very proud to be a owner of a "Juno Kughler Original"!
If you want to see more of her artwork or if you want to read about her you can visit her homepage JunoKughler.com or her blog Looking Glass hours. Btw - she is good writer too.

Doreen Cross

English House by Doreen Cross

Dors also paints with colored pencils and other mediums but this month she is my monochrome artist. :) I love especially her house drawings like this one here:You can see more of her artwork at Dor's Fine Art and on her blog Dors Art. She has many wonderful drawings and paintings to show.


I hope you like my choices for this month.
If you know an artist who should be the next "My Artist Of The Month" - no matter if it is you yourself or a friend or one whose artwork you like please send me an email at cp-art@t-online.de


pencilportraits said...

I do love your choices, I'm off to find out some about them as I've never come across either of these two artists before so thanks for the post!

Dors said...

Oh wow.. Thank you Martina. what a lovely surprise and so thoughtful of you. Your the best. I am honoured to be on your blog.

Dors. xx

Juno Kughler Carlson said...

Martina, I'm speechless. You are so sweet and kind to even think of this.

I agree with Dors (I love her house portrait BTW)--it is an honor to have a place on your blog.

I look forward to seeing the other artists you will feature. Hugs, Juno

Teresa Mallen said...

Great idea Martina!!(sorry you had to endure a loud late night party) Thanks for sharing these wonderful artists with us. I have enjoyed seeing their work.

Dors said...

Hi Martina.

I have a gift for you.. on my blog.