July 04, 2009

New leads, new luck

Yesterday I received my CretaColor leads and I must confess that they are the cheapest here - and I like them best ever!!
It is real graphite, no polymere, no synthetic or whatever leads are made of. The softer leads like 4B and 6B are REALLY dark and the harder one like 2H, 4H and 6H are wonderful to blend and light but not scratchy. I love them!
The following pic is done with a 4B lead exclusively. I wanted to try our a Tromple L'oeil drawing for a long time but never had enough "yes-I-can-feeling" to start. Yesterday was a pretty good time, hubby had a nap and I felt like trying out my new leads on a drawing, not only on maling another grey scale LOL.

I used that 4B lead in a Staedtler clutch pencil (my favorite brand for lead holders), a pencil eraser which is also new and my beloved electric eraser on Hahnemuehle 'Nostalgie' (smooth sketch block).
The graphite lead was really really nice to draw with. I could achive dark deeps and also light layers of grey.

Of course this drawing isn't finished yet but so far it was huge fun, especially because I achived what I wanted to with this lead.
I don't know why I didn't like mechanical pencil - clutch pencils - before, they are wonderful easy to sharpen either with the F-C mini-lead-sharpener or with the Dahle lead sharpener, which I also have since yesterday.

Woooo - I had huge problems to figure out, how the Dahle worked and this let me break into perspiration. But close before I wanted to throw this d.... thingy into the next corner I noticed how I have touse it. So easy! But I needed more than 10 minutes to understand. Gosh - how can one single darkhaired woman be so blonde!?!?!?
Okay, I still have no idea for what the little wholes right and left are good for - but main thing is the sharpener is doing his sharpening-job - and it is doing this phantastic.


Dors said...

OMG I am sort of blond with some red.. so I have an excuse for not knowing what the little holes are for on the sharpener. I have one and I have trouble sharpening the fine leads. I break more than I sharpen. LOL. Great to hear your comments on the Cretacolor graphite leads. I will try them if I can find then in the art store here.
Hope you have lots more fun with your pencils Martina.
Oh BTW I an also just getting used to using a mechanical pencil.
Once you get the hand of them, they are really good.

Martina said...

Yes, it is wonderful to have no wood around the lead.
Which mech. pencils do you habe? Those with o.5 lead I find TOO small, but 2mm is what is in the woocase pencils I think.

Dors said...

I use .5 Mephisto
0.3/035 Staedtler MarsMicro
I also have a couple of Platignum 2B

Sheila said...

I'm going to have to check out those leads! Thanks for sharing the info and showing us that great example Martina!

Farbstifte said...

Martina, those holes are for adjusting the right length of the lead sticking out the lead holder before sharpening.
So place the lead holder on one of the holes (left for blunt point, right for fine point), let the lead fall down into the hole, fix it and it has just the right length and doesn't break because it's too long.
(Sorry, I should better have drawn it!)