February 19, 2009

Mill - step III

I worked a little bit on the mill yesterday. I have huge problems how to do the lower walls. It is no brick wall and also not wooden so I thought to claim my right of artistical freedom and did what I see - okay - close to what I see. At the moment the brush is not always doing what I want and mixing the colors or layering the colors is not such easy too. I'm still learning.


Dors said...

Martina. This is wonderful...I think you did a great job of the lower walls..I can see what you mean about not being able to see what material it is. You did great.. Looks like brick to me...but not being able to see close up It is very difficult.

Well done.

Martina Alberts said...

Thank you, Dors.
This is very very encouraging!

Pencil Sanity said...

This is really turning out beautiful. Love your colors and makes me wish for a Summer day.

twincedar said...

This is really looking good!