February 21, 2009

On my sketchblock / drawing board

Because Geoff Kersey said that he never had seen a good watercolor painting that came out from a bad sketch/drawing I grabbed my graphite pencils and decided that I from now on make a daily sketch and a weekly drawing.

But what the heck is the difference between sketch and drawing????? I wondered about that since I started to make art (or try to *lol*) !

Unit last night.
I couldn't sleep so I got up and started my computer, surfed to "Jerry's Artarama Free lessons site" and watched one of Chuck MacLachlans drawing-instruction videos. I guess it was "Perspective made simple" where at the end said a single sentence: A drawing is a finshed sketch.

With this video Mr MacLachlan not only made perspective simple but also solved my so-long-gnawing-mystery on the difference between both.

However - I made a quick sketch yesterday evening (yes, I know everyone can see that it was a quick one.... next will be better) of our windowsill:

This sketch shows our wooden windowsill with a tiny plant (plastic - because of the cats), a lantern and a rose quartz. You can see it here:

Kim (our youngest) and Nicky

And this morning I started a graphite drawing - my reference is from the cover of Christopher Leeper's book "Realism in watermedia" - a great book btw and a great artist ( please have a look at his homepage) and I use a Vang sketchblock (it's okay but I prefer smoother paper) and a 2B and 6B graphite pencil.

I'll show this in a new post.


Dors said...

Love your sketch martina... and wow those are two beautiful cats. I will go take a look at the "realism in watermedia"

Pencil Sanity said...

This is a super sketch. Nicely done and enough detail in it as well.
Those kitties are the cutest. I love, love drawing them.

Anonymous said...

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