February 17, 2009

Starting with watercolors

Because I am a beginner I bought a good but inexpensive set of 24 tubes "Reeves Watercolour". I already had paper for my former painting attempts. Different papers, tons! *lol

And I have a wonderful husband who has open eyes and while shopping he stumbled over this thingy here:

On the easel: "Hot Dane" (Soft-pastels)

He at once thought "Wow - this could be a great easel for my beloved wife!" :))) and bought it.
He is right, this "easel" which is a bookstand made of bamboo is definately great for me. Not too large and easy to handle.

Also Kim, our youngest cat is thinking so. She always watches me painting or drawing and this new "buddy" pleased her very much:

On this photo you also can see my new bought watercolor stuff: The tubes, a small sponge, a palette, synthetic brushes roundbrush No 16, 12, 8, 4, 3 and 1 and a No 2 rigger, a goat hair brush 1,5" and masking fluid (very important, I had no idea how useful this is!!).
Graphite pencils and a rubber I of course have already.

Also watercolorpaper I bought months before because I needed it for colored pencils and pastels.

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