February 17, 2009

Watercolor mill - step II

Now here comes my 1. real watercolor painting.

I started with a drawing while I watched TV, not knowing that I would later decide to use watercolors and pen. How funny, the movie I watched was "Moulin Rouge" - two mills at one time .....

I started with the drawing:

I then applied a bit pen (Faber-Castell) and much masking fluid on the areas that I want to keep white.

Next step was making a light wash of cobalt-blue with a tiny bit mudder lake for warmthen the sky and then I put out the color for the clouds.
For grabbing out the color I used either a damp brush or a damp piece of kitchen roll.

Then I started to add greens (veridian, lemon yellow and cobalt-blue with different amounts each time) for the trees and bushes.

Now the mill got it's green cloth on, again the same mix for greens as for the bushes.

And here is where I am so far.

I used watercolorpaper made by Gerst├Ącker (a shop here in Germany) - 240 g/sm and rough (cold pressed?), 17 x 24 cm and as a reference an old calender photo of 2002.

To be continued ...................


Dors said...

The windmill is coming along so good. Can't wait to see it finished.. Great Job Martina.

Pencil Sanity said...

Hello MArtina, I came across your blog from Dors' and am so glad I did. This is absolutely wonderful work. I live in the US but was born in Germany.