February 10, 2009

Welcome to my art!

May I introduce myself a little bit?

My name is Martina, I am born in 19- okay, not such interesting. :-)
I am a self-tought artist and I live in Germany, near to Hamburg.
I love to paint and draw and started to learn it in December 2006.

My main medium has been colored pencils, pastels and mixed media - but predominantely colored pencils.
My favorite theme to draw and paint is nature, pets and wildlife. and a bit still-life, but I'm learning this yet.


Christine said...

Hi Martina,

welcome to the blogging wolrd! ;o ) I like the way you did the slide show and will have to look into doing that on my blog too. Bye for now!

Dors said...

I love the way these drawings are displayed. Looks very professional. WTG

Dors said...

Love the way your artwork falls here... nicely done.

Looking forward to seeing lots of new ones building up the pile.

:) :)

BobbyO said...
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