March 26, 2009

Farmhouse - update III

Some days ago I was so happy - spring had come and it started to be warm and cozy outside, the sunshine was bright and warm and promised to feel very good being outside.
Yesterday morning I woke up and couldn't believe my eyes - our whole garden was white and my nose felt like an icicle. Coooooooooold!!!!!!
Winter had come back. Oh how I hate to have cold and snow again but the good thing is that it won't take long until we have springtime and summer - and we all complane about the heat. *lol

After a pretty long time I at least had a little time to work on the farmhouse. The tree still gives me a little headache but I now let it flow and hope the best.


While sitting on our sofa and watching TV (with a cat on my lap and besides me on one side. On the other side snorkling hubby and a dog besides me *rofl*) I started a drawing. The "reference" is from mind, I once saw a painting similar to my drawing and tried to remember it and bring it to paper.


Pencil Sanity said...

Your farm house is coming along great. Your wine makes me want some. Great drawing from imagination.

Dors said...

This is coming along great Martina. Looking forward to next update.

Dors said...

The Farmhouse is looking great.

Nice work Martina.