March 31, 2009

Farmhouse - update IV

Spring is back! :-)
Yesterday hubby, Nellie and Justy (our dogs) had a long walk in the pretty warm sunshine and it was such great to refill the skin with sunlight.
This morning it seems that we'll have a rainy day but that's okay - nature needs rain for waking up all the blossoms.

I worked a little bit more on my farmhouse and now - step by step - I feel a little bit more satisfied.
I fixed the bad perspective a bit and added greens and blues to the background trees.

We all learn by doing - and right now "learning" is huge fun. ;-) And art should always be fun, without pressure, unnecessary rules or bad feelings.
For the most of us drawing/painting is kind of balance for the daily life we all should be free in our art. Drawing and painting what we like is one of the most satisfying and wonderful things.


Dors said...

Very nice Martina. I can't wait to see this finished. Love the way it's coming together.

Teresa said...

This is looking good, Martina! You did a great job on the greens in the trees... greens can be tricky but they look wonderful here!

Annie said...

Hello Martina, I saw you started to learn drawing again in 2006. Well, so did I. Succes! Grüsse aus Belgiën!

Pencil Sanity said...

Your BG landscape is looking terrific. Way to go.