March 11, 2009

Tulip on Stonehenge

As promised I now post my tulip that I've done yesterday with Prismas on my new Stonehenge paper. I must confess that I am not good at flowers but wanted to make a tulip for a long time (I love tulips, they are my second fave flower).
Mostly flowers turn out kind of childish when I draw or paint them but this time I'm pretty satisfied.
It must be the Stonehenge - it's a dream. Adding layers after layers is so easy I never thought that it could be such easy - and fun!

Okay, have a look:

This morning I added some more darks and now I call it finished and an ATC because the size is about 6x9 cm/2,5' x 3,5'-

* * * * * * * * *
Another word on the new 2006 Prismas. Thanks Katherine Tyrell for telling me about the lightfastness. As she mentions on her blog and especially on squidoo - "Colored pencils - resources for artists" page the lightfastness of these new pencils is not very good. Have a look at that site (and her blog) - it is well worth.


twincedar said...

Wonderful job on the tulip!

Sheila said...

Martina... the darks really gave your lovely bloom depth!

Fito said...

Beautiful tulip Martina, un gran saludo para ti, Fito

Teresa said...

This is beautiful! Love the way the petal on the outside looks like it is opening up a little more.

Dors said...

Very nice tulip. Love it.