March 06, 2009

Teeth, CPs and more

Last days had been terrible. Friday night I just felt that I am on the way to get a toothache and yes. I got one - and a very very bad toothache, worse than I was used to. I tried to distract me from that pain with drawing but it didn't work really good. The drawing got darker and darker. On monday I wanted to go to dentist - no way. we live in a very rural area and there only is one dentist I can reach and exactly this dentist was not there. But thanks heaven he came back tuesday and belive me I was the first he saw when he opened. Okay, my teeth now is swimming in the deep and dark dentists "old-tooth-jar" and I am feeling better. Yesterday I started a drawing for a challenge on Wet Canvas. It is my first figure drawing and I am astonished about the result, I always thought that I'm not able to do it. I think the start is good - better than expected.

But please look - am I or should I better do landscapes:

I am really satisfied. Some info:
I use Prismas on Hahnemuehle "Sketch" ( matt) 21 x 29 cm.

1. light peach - a light first layer
2. deco pink as a second layer and
3. peach for the darker and black grape (I love that color!) for the very dark areas.

Oh - and I worked y bit more on the cherry: