March 13, 2009


In a special area of Germany (The Lueneburger Heath) we have man old farmhouses with timber framework. They are beautiful and I wanted to paint them for a long time.

<- My current workspace
Many times I saw photos of them but mostly they were too small or I simply forgot to "grab" it. *lol
Now I've found a pretty nice photo in a journal and yesterday I started with the outline. I used a watercolor pencil - light warm grey - on Stonehenge white (or natural white, don't know how this white is called). It is easy to erase and doesn't smudge like a graphite when I work over it with my prismas.
Not sure where this will end but it is fun to draw. I fear I will have some problems with the foreground tree but I'm learning and the only way to learn is to practice.


Pencil Sanity said...

This is a very beautiful photo and will make a great painting.

Fito said...

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